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Identity Group

Identity theft is costly. Protect your employees and their families.



Attract Talent

Identity Theft Protection is offered by top companies. Be competitive with your benefits package.


Offer Identity Theft Protection as a payroll deduction or include it in a subsidy plan.

Save Time

It takes upwards of 300 hours to fix fraud. Keep employees on the job while we restore their identity.

Seamless Install

Involuntary protection allows us to start service with only a census of employees.


Identity Group

We make good things happen for other people.

  • Over a decade of identity theft protection experience.
  • We have the inside track with fraud agencies and departments across the nation.
  • We support local communities through sponsorships and events with the YMCA and NEC.
  • Our passion is providing reliable monitoring and restoration for what matters most to Americans, their family and home. Our specialists and state-of-the-art technology work around the clock to assure peace of mind is maintained for our customers.
At American Identity Group, we care about your company and employees' safety. We have a successful history of helping families and individuals protect and secure their identities and homes. We have extended our services and created a partnership program to help protect companies and their employees. Download our documentation or request a call today!

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