About Us

We illuminate the dark web
to find your data.

American Identity Group’s Early Warning System is a proprietary early detection and warning system. It scans through hundreds of data sources at various daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals in search of any suspicious activity or changes. American Identity Group will immediately alert you to any potential identity theft in progress and quickly work to restore your identity.

24/7 Identity Monitoring

We proactively scan the Internet for your sensitive personal information and alert you if we detect suspicious activity. We can often stop ID theft before it occurs.

Full Restoration

 You become a victim of identity theft, a professionally trained, US-based recovery advocate is assigned to you and will perform a fully managed identity restoration program.

$1,000,000 Insurance

A $1,000,000 no deductible personal insurance policy from American Identity Group helps protect you from covered expenses or stolen funds. This powerful coverage gives our members peace of mind.

We ensure the protection of
your identity at every moment.

1 out of 4 people experience identity theft every day.

Our team of experts paired with our advanced algorithms are scanning through thousands of sources 24/7 for any threats to your identity.

Identities Recovered Per Day
Threats Detected Per Year

We provide 24/7 data breach
alerts for you and your family.

We notify you the moment your identity is compromised.
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Medicare Supplement Breach Alert!

MedicareSupplement.com has exposed the records of 5 million Americans 🔓

Call 855-717-4608 TODAY to see if your identity is AT RISK of being stolen!


American Identity Group

AT&T Breach Alert!

AT&T employees have planted malware on the company’s internal systems to unlock cell phones 📱

Illegal hardware was installed within the network to help hackers gain remote access and unlock millions of smartphones.

Call 855-717-4608 TODAY to see if your information is SAFE!

American Identity Group

State Farm Breach Alert!

STATE FARM has suffered from a Credential Stuffing data breach 🔓💰

A list of user IDs and passwords were obtained from the dark web in to attempt to access to STATE FARM online accounts.

If you have a STATE FARM account, your information may be in the WRONG hands!

Give us a CALL NOW at 855-717-4608 to find out.

American Identity Group

Capital One Data Breach Alert!

A hacker has gained access to the accounts of 100 million Capital One customers 🔓If you use Capital One, your information may be in the WRONG hands!

Find out if your Identity has been compromised!

CALL NOW at 855-717-4608 to find out.

verified by American Identity Group

Google Home Speaker Data Breach Alert!

Your GOOGLE HOME SPEAKER may be recording your conversations and leaking your information without your knowledge 📢

Google regularly records and listens to private conversations via the GOOGLE HOME SPEAKER when you aren’t using the speaker or asking it a question.

Give us a CALL NOW at 855-717-4608 to protect yourself today.

verified by American Identity Group