April 3, 2019

17 Largest Data Breaches Ever

Have you ever been involved in a data breach? Your personal information may have been compromised without you even knowing it.

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Last year alone, 1,244 data breaches occurred impacting 446.5 million people.

Find out today if your information was involved in one of the major data breaches. Below are 17 of the biggest data breaches ever.


1. Equifax Data Breach

When it Happened: July 2017

equifax - data breach

Number of Victims: 147.9 million

Equifax is one of the largest credit bureaus in the United States. Equifax stated that an application vulnerability on their website led to a breach in their customer data. Users had the following information stolen:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Addresses
  • Drivers’ license numbers
  • Credit card data

2. eBay’s Data Breach

When it Happened: February 2014

Number of Victims: 145 Millionebay - data breach

This data hack occurred after a number of employee login credentials were obtained, giving hackers open access to eBay’s corporate network. eBay emailed all users a notice after the attack took place, asking them to change their password information. During the attack, both eBay employees and eBay customers had the following information stolen:

  • Encrypted passwords
  • Customer names
  • Email addresses
  • Mailing addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Dates of birth

3. Experian’s Data Breach

When it Happened: September 2017

Number of Victims: 143 Millionexperian - data breach

The breach at Experian began in May 2017. However, it was not discovered until almost a month after it was already in progress. Experian did not reveal the full extent of the data breach until September of the same year. The hackers used a website vulnerability to obtain information about British, Canadian, and American Experian customers. During the breach, hackers obtained:

  • Social security numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Home addresses
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Credit card numbers
  • Credit card dispute documents

4. Heartland Payment Systems Breach

When it Happened: May 2008

Number of Victims: 134 Millionheartland payment systems - data breach

At the time of the breach, Heartland was the sixth-largest payment processor in the U.S. It is unknown how the breach occurred, but the company was alerted to an issue after unauthorized credit card transactions began appearing on customer accounts. The breached data includes:

  • Credit card data
  • Payment card transactions

5. Target Stores Data Breach

When it Happened: December 2013

Number of Victims: Around 110 Milliontarget - data breach

The Target data breach was announced several weeks after hackers had already stolen customer information. During this breach, hackers gained access to Target’s system. The attack was carried out through Target’s Point of Sale card readers. The hackers proceeded to collect:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Debit card numbers
  • Full names
  • Addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Telephone numbers

6. TJX Companies, Inc.

When it Happened: December 2006

Number of Victims: 94 millionTJX - data breach

TJX Companies operates more than 2,000 retail stores throughout the U.S. Their range of stores include Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods. How the hack began is unknown. TJX stated that it either began with hackers taking advantage of a weak data encryption system to steal customer credit card data or with hackers breaking into the TJX network via in-store job application kiosks. During the hacking, stolen information included:

  • Debit card information
  • Credit card information

7. Sony’s PlayStation Network Data Breach

When it Happened: April 2011

Number of Victims: 77 MillionPlaystation Netword - data breach

This breach is the worst gaming data breach of all time. The data breach was not revealed to PlayStation customers until after customers began to notice unusual activity on the same payment account as their PlayStation accounts. During this breach, stolen information included…

  • Full Names
  • Passwords
  • Emails
  • Home addresses
  • Purchasing history
  • Credit card numbers
  • PlayStation Network logins and passwords

8. JPMorgan Chase Data Breach

When it Happened: June 2014

Number of Victims: 76 Million individuals + 7 Million small businessesjp morgan - data breach

The data breach at JPMorgan Chase occurred in June of 2014. It was not made public until October of 2014. Customers using Chase.com, JPMorganOnline, Chase Mobile, or JPMorgan Mobile were impacted.  During the attack, hackers obtained information from Chase customers such as:

  • Contact information
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses

9. Home Depot Data Breach

When it Happened: September 2014

Number of Victims: 56 Millionhome depot - data breach

In this data breach, Home Depot’s Point of Sale system was infected with malware. The infection took place almost 5 months before it was released to the public. The hackers disguised the malware used in this attack as an anti-virus software service. The Home Depot breach resulted in hackers obtaining:

  • Payment card data
  • Email addresses

10. CardSystems Solutions Inc. Breach

When it Happened: June 2005

Number of Victims: 40 Millioncard systems inc - data breach

CardSystems Solutions is a company that processes payment data for MasterCard and other major credit card companies. A cybercriminal was able to hack into the CardSystems Network to obtain customer information. During the data breach, hackers stole:

  • Credit card numbers

11. RSA Security Breach

When it Happened: April 2011

Number of Victims: 40 Million BusinessesRSA - Data Breach

RSA Security was considered one of the world’s top computer-security companies. Hackers gained access to RSA’s SecurID two-factor authentication information through a phishing scam. The hackers sent two groups of RSA employees fake emails with the subject-line “2011 Recruitment Plan.” When one employee clicked, the hackers gained access to all SecurID information. RSA Security did not real much about the ordeal, but the following information was confirmed stolen:

  • RSA serial numbers
  • SecurID account information

12. Ashley Madison Data Breach

When it Happened: July 2015

Number of Victims: 37 MillionAshley Madison - Data Breach

Ashley Madison was America’s most prominent dating website. The hackers decided to hack the site because they did not agree with what it was promoting. During the hack, information stolen included:

  • Users’ real names
  • Addresses
  • Personal photographs
  • Payment information
  • Chat logs

13. Adobe’s Data Breach

When it Happened: October 2013

Number of Victims: 38 MillionAdobe - Data breach

Adobe announced this data breach in October of 2013. However, it took weeks for the Abode team to determine the scale of the breach. During the Abode breach, hackers accessed:

  • Credit card records
  • Customer login data
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Customer names

14. The Data Breach at Nasdaq

When it Happened: October 2010

Number of Victims: 38 MillionNasdaq - Data Breach

During this data breach, a group infiltrated the Nasdaq system. The hackers utilized traded text-strings to exploit SQL-injection vulnerabilities. PNCBank, 7-Eleven, JCPenney and other companies on the Nasdaq stock exchange were impacted during this data breach. During this hack, information obtained included:

  • Login credentials
  • Sensitive data
  • Credit card data

15. Zappos Breach

When it Happened: January 2012

Number of Victims: 24 MillionZappos - Data Breach

Zappos is a major online retailer. When the retailer was hacked, cybercriminals obtained:

  • Customer account information
  • Full names
  • Email addresses
  • Billing addresses
  • Shipping addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Last 4 digits of credit/debit cards
  • Encrypted passwords

16. Staples Breach

When it Happened: October 2014

Number of Victims: 1.16 MillionStaples - data breach

Staples suspected a cyberhacking when multiple credit card companies found a pattern of payment fraud. This suggested that the Staples’ computer system had been breached. Stolen information included:

  • Customers’ names
  • Payment information
  • Card numbers
  • Expiration dates
  • Card verification codes

17. Global Payments Data Breach

When it Happened: April 2012

Number of Victims: 1.5 MillionGlobal Payments - Data Breach

The Global Payment data breach affected mainly North America. It is warned that the breach may have affected transactions dating back to June of 2011. During this breach, hackers stole:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Names & Addresses

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